Dear Customers,

Because of the corona epidemic, we have decided to closed restrurant untilfurther notice. to ensure the safety both of staff and guest, the restrurant is currently closed. 

Extremly sorry for the inconvenience .

Ravintola Resunga

Seurantie 1, klaukkala

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    We welcome you to a delicious feast of exquisite dishes in Resunga. With a wide range of world cuisines to choose from, we guarantee you a sumptuous feast experience in our restaurant.


    We guarantee you a sumptuous feast experience in our restaurant

    Our Food Culture

    The Nepalese consider that food and eating are all divine and food should be eaten in a joyful manner. The main staple diet of most Nepali people is Dal, Bhat and Tarkari – translated as Lentils, Rice and Curried vegetable. A meal of those three is generally eaten twice a day