Dear customers,

We would kindly like to inform you that 8 october 2019 we are closed on the occasion of Nepalese Dashain Festival .We are opened normally 9 october 2019.We are Extremely sorry for the inconvenience.


Ravintola Resunga

Seurantie 1 1800


Restaurant Resunga is the perfect choice for everybody, who desires to enjoy the taste of delicious authentic Nepalese food in Finland. We have brought uniqueness in ethnic food service industry in Finland in such a manner that the very originality of the food culture is preserved and you will be excited to experience a little Nepalese kitchen in Finland. At Resunga, the Chefs prepare food items concentrating on the traditional Nepalese way regarding the health and taste concerns. Of course, you may have knowledge about Nepalese culture, yet please visit Restaurant Resunga and experience unique Nepalese hospitality. We highly encourage you to look through our menu, and perhaps try something new delicious and healthy. We are sure you will be delighted

Our Chefs

Resunga has especially qualified chefs hired from Nepal. The owner himself is The main creator of the restaurant menu, Sauces and items, with cooperation of with
Other Chefs to generate the best quality to satisfy the customer. The Chefs are Capable to design, modify and add (reduce) the ingredients which the customers 
Prefer to ther dinning plate/s